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Introducing Self-Care Health

Analyze your symptoms interactively. Make the right decision, at the right time, efficiently.

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OTC medicine dosing by weight.

Get the dose of children's over-the-counter medicines using the child's weight.

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Scan product barcode, get dose by weight.

Our dosing system is being maintained by a team of actively practicing U.S pharmacists.

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Hello Parents!

Simple, easy to use weight based dosing system. Dose calculations to the "ml".

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Compare Over-The-Counter Products.

Compare probiotics, sleep aids, pain relievers, laxatives, cold and flu, eye drops and even energy drinks side-by-side. At the point of purchase!

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Compare before making that purchase.

Labels hard to read? We have read them for you. Know which medicine will work faster, better or longer in a class.

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Pharmacist's Suggestions.

Get a pharmacist's recommendation interactively. At the drugstore aisle!

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Side-By-Side Comparison.

Interactively get reviews of over-the-counter medicines!

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Decision making tools.

Tools that solve real world problems. Save money!

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Need to see a doctor?

Get directions to a nearby urgent care clinic with the tap of a button. Tele-medicine services coming soon!

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Actionable. Informative. Suggestive.

Written by pharmacists from the ground up.

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Now Available.

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