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Like a red apple, we improve your health.

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You get the best pharmacy experience in the industry. Nothing compares. Wellness bar, tablets, even kids watch their favorite shows on tablets while waiting. Does your pharmacy do that?

The processclose

When you drop off your prescription, you are given an interactive PIN. If you choose to wait, you simply go to the wellness bar, enter the PIN in a tablet at the bar, grab a drink if you want (non-alcoholic) and start interacting with your prescription as the pharmacist is filling it.

Learn about the drug name, uses, how to take, dosage, side effects, what to avoid and so on. Make sure the medicine is what your doctor ordered. If not, notify the pharmacist right away and problems are solved right there.

You can even take a quiz to see how well you know your medicine! Not only are you a partner in the process of filling your prescription, dispensing errors are virtually eliminated.




Have a cold or not sure what you have? Go to a tablet next to the shelf and efficiently take care of this health challenge using our interactive proprietary self-care healthcare app.

Next-Gen Retailclose

We are blazing the trail and innovating around making self-care health care more efficient and results oriented for Americans.

Not sure which probiotic to take or which sleeping pills to get or all those cold medicines on the shelves confusing you?

Just go to the tablet next to the shelf and compare them side-by-side. See what other users are saying or even a pharmacist's take on it.

I love this part. I can get the dose of a child's over-the-counter medicine using the child's weight - Even Benadryl®!

We are blazing the trail for self-care interactivity



Dedicated home delivery. Prescriptions, OTC, Personal Hygiene, Cosmetics. What we sell, we deliver to you. And guess what?

Goodbye Stressclose

Imagine your child is sick and you have not slept all night. Or maybe it is you, haven't slept all night and ended up in the doctor's office first thing in the morning.

Won't it be nice to have the doctor's office or ER electronically send your prescription to the pharmacy while you go home and get some rest?

Guess what? for out-of-stock medications, we will call other pharmacies, pick it up from them and deliver it to you. (Delivery fees may apply)

You love that. Don't you?


More of the things we do.


more_vertFLU SHOTS

Professional. Interactive. Dedicated.

Yes Professional.close

We have a beautiful consultation and flu shot room for this. See the gallery for pictures.



Child won't take that medicine? We will customize it.

Medicine Compoundingclose

Skin care, children's medicines, veterinary drugs, special medication delivery methods. We compound these at your doctor's request.

Compounding is a practice of customizing medications for individual patients whose needs cannot be met by FDA-approved drugs.



Medication therapy management. Is that medication working for you? Are you comfortable taking it?

Medication Managerclose

Do you need that medicine? Are you taking it the right way? Do you even know why you are taking it?

We manage these for you and your family.

Many more of the things we do.



Drug therapy, drug interactions, drug use, adherence programs.

We consult on theseclose

We organize monthly drug information seminars for our customers to inform them of the latest trend in meeting their healthcare needs.


more_vertVeterinary Compounding

Pet focused pharmacy. We invested in the latest technology for this!

All inclose

Chew-A-Treat? We have fish for cats, bones for dogs. You pet will love us!

more_vertSelf-care Services

In-store, on the shelf tablets. Not enough? Ask for the pharmacist.


Use our self-care healthcare proprietary app to meet your needs in store and at home.

So many more of the things we do.


more_vertWellness Devices

We sell wellness devices. We also keep you motivated.


What is the use getting a fitbit if you don't have a goal? Our pharmacists will get you going in the right direction.

more_vertMedical devices

We carry medical devices. We make them work for you as intended.


As innovators, we are always on top of the latest trends in healthcare including devices.

Extreme Convenience