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10 Reasons To Choose
Red Apple Interactive Pharmacy.
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1Patient Engaged Prescription Dispensing. (PEPreD).

Our pharmacists believe you should know as much as possible about your medicine before pick-up. They came up with (PEPreD). With PEPreD, you engage and interact with your prescription as the pharmacist is filling it for you.

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Great Service! In Sickness and In Health.


2FREE Home Delivery

Have a cold, flu, diarrhea, throwing up or stomachache? What about having a child at home who is running a temp and you need Tylenol or Motrin and have to go to the pharmacy to get it?

Or perhaps you have an elderly parent at home or at a living care facility and don't have the time to do pharmacy errands.

You are in good hands. We now deliver both over-the-counter and prescription medications.





Shop at our OTC Store and we will deliver it to you same day, up to 2 times a day (1PM and 7PM). Guess what? Delivery is FREE!

Avoid the long lines at your current pharmacy. We can bring your prescription or OTC items to you if you don't feel like running pharmacy errands. As long as you are within our delivery radius. Even while at the park with the kids or at work, we will meet you there!


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Pharmacy. Simplified.


3FREE Multi-Dose Medication Packaging

Get complimentary multi-dose medication (also called bubble or blister) packaging when you fill your prescriptions at Red Apple Pharmacy. We provide multi-dose medication packs for senior citizens, chronic conditions, kids who are going to camps and others who request it at no charge for the first 6 months. After that, it is just $9.99 to cover packaging materials.

Mom and dad getting confused over their medications or still doing the weekly thing? Let us take care of that. Use the slider below to see before and after.



We will even package your multi-dose medications if you don't use Red Apple Pharmacy. Example, if you use mail order or other pharmacy mandated by your insurance, we can package the medications for you.

(**Fees and restrictions apply for prescriptions filled via mail order or not filled at Red Apple pharmacy. Example, you will sign a waiver that we are not responsible for any errors made by the pharmacy that filled the prescriptions. Please call the pharmacy for pricing and more info).


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One Size Does Not Fit All


4Prescription Compounding

We compound prescriptions based on a prescriber's order. Customized Hormone Replacement Therapy, Dermatology, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals, Children's medications, Dental, Veterinary and others. Afterall one size does not fit all.

***Red Apple Pharmacy DOES NOT compound sterile medications.

Our prices are the best in the business.


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Kids Love Us


5FREE Medication Flavoring And Vitamins!

We flavor children antibiotic medicines at no extra charge to you and Kids enjoy FREE monthly chewable multi-vitamins on us for up to a year.

Free children vitamin image

But that is not why kids love us. They love us because...


Mother giving child medicine

...they get to play online games or watch their favorite shows while waiting for their prescriptions to be filled at the children's waiting area.

***Free flavoring apply to certain antibiotic medicines only. Otherwise $3.99 / prescription.


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A New Kind Of Pharmacy.


6Interactive Technology

We use technology to advance patient care through engagement. Example, our pharmacists may use Facetime or Skype to explain how to use an insulin pen to you. Afterall everybody has a cell phone.

You can use our self-care healthcare app called Self-Care Health to see which laxative, cold medicine or probiotic is best for you or to get the dose of an over-the-counter medicine to give to a child using the child's weight! All without talking to a pharmacist. Take the app for a spin.


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Doing Things A Whole New Way.


7Healthcare Oriented.

Destination for Flu Shots and other Immunizations allowed by the State of Georgia for administration in a pharmacy.

Get complementary review of all your medications when you transfer your prescriptions to Red Apple Pharmacy. You may not need to keep taking some medications or something better and cheaper may be available. We review and discuss this with you and your physician when you transfer your prescriptions over to us.


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Low, Low Prices


8Better than competitor's prices.

We accept most government and commercial insurance. If your copay is too high, we will work with drug manufacturers to see how they can help. We will advocate for you, even if we have to fill out a lot of paperwork. Anything to save you money.

You will never get a better price or service than at Red Apple Pharmacy.



lady using app in store


Go The Extra Mile. It Is Never Crowded.


9Great Pharmacy Experience.

Our philosophy when it comes to our customers is to go the extra mile. This is how we distinguish ourselves from the competition.

Example, use our in-store app to compare OTC products side-by-side. See which will work better, faster or search for ingredients you should avoid. No other pharmacy does this.

Or review your prescriptions at the wellness bar as we fill it for you using our in-store devices. Most pharmacies don't even have Wi-Fi. Time to step into the future!



lady using app in store

A Breathe Of Fresh Air.


10America's most beautiful pharmacy.

We have paved the way for a new trend in pharmacy: Beautiful pharmacies for the next generation retail environment.

If you can't do great things. Do small things in a great way. It will add up very fast to great! This is our mission.


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Pharmacy Hours:

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